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Our Creative



It begins with an idea then it becomes something else


- Pablo Picasso

MEH Creatives follows a simple yet effective cresative design process that translates ideas into creative concepts of what the client requested. Our creative design process follows these steps:

1. Client Request - We receive a request from you outlining services needed.

2. Connect - We email you the specific questionnaire for your completion prior to meeting you to understand your business needs and objectives or goals.

3. Research & Strategy Development - We research your market, brand positioning target market, competition to develop a unique strategy and content for your business.

4. Design - We brainstorm input from stage 3 and design 3 to 5 concepts based on stage 2 and 3 outputs.

5. Present - We present our cresative concept designs to you, with explanation on our design choices.

6. Revise - We revise our designs based on your feedback and presentation discussion from stage 5.

7. Deliver - Once you are 110% happy with our translation of your needs through a unique final design, we deliver the files to you.

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